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Learn two transformative tools to heal reactivity so you can nurture connection and break free from yelling
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Feeling Stuck in Your Parenting Journey?

Do you often find keeping cool amid parenting chaos challenging?

Are you tired of feeling unheard unless you raise your voice?

Do you worry about falling into the same parenting patterns you grew up with?

You're Not Alone, And We Have the Tools to Help

Imagine if you could:

- Engage in effective and calm communication with your child, even during moments of conflict
- Foster a joyful, connected home environment that your child cherishes
- Consistently manage your temper, even when faced with everyday parenting challenges
- Break away from repeating your default reactions and provide a healthier upbringing for your child

Take the First Step Towards Transformation

In our free training session, we will guide you through:
✔️ Proven techniques and strategies that address the real challenges of parenting
✔️ The same transformational tools that have helped over 10,000 parents shift from frustration to harmony

We can't wait to join you on your journey towards a more peaceful and nurturing parenting experience.

Are You Ready for Your Parenting Breakthrough?

Meet Your Guide

I’m glad you are here. 

I'm Marcela Collier, certified parenting coach and founder of HIC Parenting Education. 
We've proudly helped over 10,000 parents transition from feeling frustrated and hopeless in their parenting to experiencing joy, peace, cooperation, and connection with their children. 
I am delighted you're here and look forward to helping you on your journey!


"I was struggling with work, my children, and quarantine. Every night I went to bed feeling like the worse parent. One morning I woke up and decided to look into your program. I am so grateful I took that leap of faith. I feel like I've changed my entire perspective on parenting. Before, I thought my children were always trying to manipulate me with their actions, but now I know they don't know how to communicate how they feel. I've already begun seeing how my changed behavior has influenced my children. They are displaying more empathy and getting better at asking for help instead of yelling and tantruming. Thank you for your program and all your amazing content."

Miranda, AZ

"Without Parenting With Understanding, I'd likely use spankings and time out as the only way to correct my children. It's how I grew up. Now that I know how to detect their needs, I understand my children much better. My emotional intelligence and emotional management have improved since taking your class. Thank you so much."

Sara Gene

"I attended your free class a few weeks ago, and being able to identify my girl's needs was the key component that I was missing. I was usually attuned to hunger and sleepiness, but the others have been life-changing.
Also, I am a special education behaviorist, and your reels are just the pieces I need. Tantrums are getting better!"